Inspirations for my new booth at Lonestar Antique Mall

Okay okay...........I know I am always dreaming about something, playing house setting up booths etc. but hey it is so much fun!1

So today I painted my booth at Lonestar Antique Mall and I used Dove White, it is a rather bold move as I walked through the mall and everyone has steered from white, there are creams, greys, greens, browns, blacks all very unique and beautiful booths but I don't think I saw a white.  It does look a little stark............but I am going to stick to my guns...........however..........

Looking at these inspirations this evening on pinterest  gives me a great idea for the free.......yes free french provencial dresser that my hubby brought home, the long dresser was a frame, only had one drawer  I was not sure what he was thinking I was wondering about time and cost to rebuild drawers get hardware, there would be no room for any kind of profit........but he had the idea to make it into a shelve.........I know my hubby is creative awesome and has a garage full of tools and is an awesome picker......sorry he's mine all mine.

So this evening after feeling as if my booth was just a little stark these are the images that are leading me to paint the said French Provencial dresser, turned shelving unit a light blue (Louis Blue, Annie Sloan)  Hopefully it will be done and hanged as we are hanging doors tomorrow.  I will take more pictures then.

Farmhouse Kitchen, stark white with powder blue

French Farmhouse Facade with Light blue Shutters

Love this kitchen so light and bright!  just a hint of blue!

No blue just a beautiful bed setup. I have a couple of iron beds to set up soon!!
Love the chippy doors behind the bed and the rustic Urn!

A shop Facade with stark white and blue!

Another Shop Facade with white and blue!

Rachels shabby Chic couture store, white walls........and

Yummy farmhouse chippy  and Blue!

Hey when I get tired of blue I can paint another Hue.........

I also spent part of the evening going through our tree limb trimmings...........yes they make great display pieces!  Lots of merchandise to be hung.............

Thanks for looking! And following my "booth setup" upon "booth setup" drama


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