Introducing....."Heirloom Tomato"

We love to garden and we love to can in our ranch house we made salsa and spaghetti sauce almost every summer....

This year we had so many other things to do we did not put in a garden we had to focus on Grass....building dams on the pond.  Fencing/Horse Shed/Man Cave/Chicken coops, gate openers, etc....etc.....

I so miss the smells of walking through the garden and picking the Heirloom Tomato's ripened on the vine...

This is the next best thing  I can smell the same smells in my living room and kitchen I have poured candles and tart melts in the "Heirloom Tomato" scent and now want to be able to share them with you

Now I am still really missing our garden and may just have to pop a few tomato plants at least in a few of the old tires we dug up from around the pond......a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do....Sunny afternoon, salt shaker, barefeet, back porch tomato eating........ it could totally still happen!

Shipping is now included in price on all Etsy orders hope you pop over to see!

Till Later Ya'll

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