It's Raining It's pouring but round here it is never boring

I sold my bedroom setup at the shop and need a new one!  Only it has been raining and it is cold so I carried pieces into the warmth of my laundry room /pantry and painted here are pics of the 100 year old bed, 70's dresser that is very sturdy and drawers glide flawlessly! Also a fireplace mantle that will be going back up to Uniques Gallery Tuesday

 This one hundred year old Antique Full Bed was found by my friend in North Carolina, Hubby came home with dresser and Mantle.
 I distressed this dresser a lot more than usual, I  love how it turned out this baby looks very romantic  in person!!
I will be distressing the Mantle and adding dark wax.  I love that I will be able to setup a bedroom and a dining room to my window space!  Next will be a china hutch, table and 6 chairs!  I want my area to look just as if you were walking into a french/shabby chic home!  What fun playing  house down at the shop I love what I do!

I will take photo's once these items are setup in shop

How is the weather/projects on your side of the world???  
Have a wonderful week

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