Jeanne Oliver's Creatively made ecourse and giveaway

Jeanne Oliver Designs is one of the first blogs that I followed.  One and a half years ago when I started selling on Etsy I picked up an issue of Artful Bloggers magazine as I was told if you sell on Etsy you need to blog!.  There was an Article there about Jeanne and her "Bushelandapeck" etsy shop and blog, I loved her color choices, her staging skills, and her awesome photography, the handmade apron she had on an old mannequin posed in front of a chippy old door, her family was posed outside of a weather worn  barn.  I felt a connection and loved her style.  She has been an endless source of inspiration to me. Her site is one of my daily must reads~

I have always enjoyed tattered chippy furniture and I had already begun sewing aprons but Upon finding and reading her blog I was hooked, I was inspired to push myself further and instead of following patterns I designed my french masquerade apron, blogging really started making me think creatively and grow.

From Jeanne I  have ordered antique scales, beautiful old frames, french seam bindings she brought home from France and of late I had ordered  two of her handmade designs that I must say I have been stopped and asked where I shop almost everytime I wear a blouse or dress she has designed. Now that is just fun, and I eagerly await her Fall and Spring Realeses of her new designs each season.  All the items I purchased from her were beautifully wrapped and the little card/handwritten notes she puts in are worthy of pinning to a design/inspiration board themselves!

 I am so impressed that a  stay at home mom that home schools her children has been able to accomplish so much through etsy and a blog.  I feel she is gifted in many ways and has a very kind sweet genuine personality. I had wanted to go to NADA FARM and take one of Jeannes classes live and meet her, but now through her growth and having her own  .com site Jeanne Oliver Designs;  I was thrilled when I found out that she is hosting an e-course and I immediately signed up. 

I wanted to share that not only is she hosting/teaching an e-course she is also having an art supply and course giveaway!!  I will let you read about it at her site!  She has a video explaining her ecourse so Please pop over and enter her giveaway and if you have not seen this blog yet be ready to spend a little time for awesome inspiration!.  Good Luck and hope you enjoy Jeannes site!  And I hope you have a wonderful week!  I wanted to thank  Jeanne for holding the Creatively Made course in a manner that the people who cannot make an out of state event can still enjoy and benefit learning from this incredibly creative artist! I am extremely excited and feel that the new year will be a perfect time to grow my own gifts and let go!!

Today I am working on more vintage furniture finds to put in my 12 by 14 Windowfront/storefront Antique booth , I will be moving in the space Thursday!! My eldest son Cole came by to help and  I will post pictures later in the week!  We have worked painted many new pieces to take down to Uniques today I think Cole is getting the Antique/decor bug! (I eventually hope the whole family gets involved!).  My dad loved watching an old tv show Sanford and son and I know that is the reason last night I dreamed about an old truck filled with junk and Shantygirl and son painted on the side.............but the whole family is involved as I have a couple pickin a couple painting and a couple staging/setting up booth.  I was like well do we do "Hicks Picks"  the pickin division  or Me and abby could be "Hicks Chics"...............but I will just keep Shantygirl as that is the name mom and Abby gave my venture when I very first started but the dream was so fun.........

Have a wonderful week!


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