Karina, Karina

I have been a fleamarket girl ever since I was a little girl.  Mom and my great Grannie took us to the sale barn on the weekends, there was a wonderful flea market and inside was an auctioneer. I will never forget the sound of the auctioneer and how amazed I was at how fast he could talk.

I will never forget how cold the soda in a bottle was that we would stop and get, in those days a soda was a treat something we got from time to time when out on the town!

Anyhow what I am getting at is you can imagine how joyful I felt when my son brings home a sweet girl for me to meet and well......................Karina  loves yard sailing, and going to antique malls, she loves running around barefoot, Well she reminds me just a bit of me.....just much cuter and smaller.......I now have another hanging buddy!

I am happy to say that now my son and Karina are looking for things to make their house together a home so they came pickin at our place (wich looks like an antique mall lately)!!  Jason (son) had an eye, he immediately said I think those chairs (french)  with that table (victorian) would look good, and those two end tables.(circa 1930 on casters)................I had already painted the table and end tables yesterday, but the chairs were dark wood..........so

 Son Paired the chairs that were dark and had awful seats....with this table and said I think that would look good together,,,,,,,,I think Son  has quite the eye for decor! Karina Painted chairs,  ( I wish I got a picture of when she sat down on the paint brush.......) I was rolling in laughter.......sorry Karina I just cannot help laughing and heck someone sitting plum down on a paint brush well.......that's just funny!!!

 I painted table and antiqued all and handwaxed.  Karina Picked fabric and My hubby and son helped put the fabric and chairs together!  We are family   I got all my Pickers and me..........................
Antique End Tables on Casters painted white and antiqued  Son picked these out of a crowd of tables

                    Karina brought me a bag full of the above antique hardware pieces gotta love a girl like that!

 My hubby helped us cover the seats with his new Phneumatic Staple gun!  So it was a family deal, all involved and this is what the kids took home tonight in the back of their car.....It sure was fun working together and this is how we spent Labor day.  Son cooked on grill, Poppa fixed an antique dresser he picked up for me to paint tomorrow, Karina and I painted and we all covered and put together the chairs, abby (7) made chandeliers for her doll house out of cotton and toilet paper rolls.........it was a blast! 

Thanks for reading/ looking
Hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day!!

Tomorrow..........the 6 foot long barbie pink dresser,,,,,,,,oooh la la


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