La Reine Boulangere

I designed this "Queen Baker" Apron yesterday and would like to say there was a wonderful inspiration behind it but,  none other than the fact I wanted a soft feminine apron that was totally ready for me to wipe my hands on the sides of it when I get deep down in flour for baking, well that is it. I made the waist to cinch and it fits my daughter as well and I tried it on a few people size 0-14 and it will fit even larger sizes. I am going to make a few and have them in my drawers as one size truly fits all and I can pull them out when baking cooking with family and friends. I am putting some in my shop as well but just wanted to share then I am deep in the land of pricing a living room full of stuff and getting more from the attic for "The Garage Sale" my weekend starts today..........Oh and I have not read that magazine yet as I was good about sewing first and then I created and took photos............I will have a chance to read while sitting at my garage sale! I am going to wear my apron as a coin changer/vendor apron as well!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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