Last day of Free shipping sale!!

Hi all, I have been pouring and pouring and loving what I am doing, mixing scents testing for new scents to roll out filling custom orders, curing.  Just loving the life of a "Chandler".

Today  October, 14, 2013  is the last day of my free shipping sale, if you are interested just click on my etsy online shop on my right sidebar, I wanted to introduce everyone to the candle line and be able to average out fair shipping prices for the future, hence free shipping sale with roll out.  The candles have been very successful in our retail location and I wanted to have my online friends have the same opportunity to try, the reviews are coming in and I am thrilled that so far everyone is loving them.

Just sharing a few pics that I have posted on Facebook this week

 Our Oatmeal, Milk+ Honey is a lighter soothing bath and body type scent I put it in a bucket of oats for display, I have oatmeal Almond soap as well in retail location.
 Candle displays to take to shop

Shantygirl Retail space, furniture is a bit sparse been pouring now I need to get to painting this week!!
Took this while getting things ready to take down to shop

 Another Tart Burner I will carry had to try one out in my home first.. Blue Bonnets on the Prairie has been a top seller in our Etsy shop getting rave reviews on the scent!
 This is my fall scent display at my retail location in GrapevineAntiquesMarket!
 I had several people say I don't have a tart burner,  so I am going to carry some tart burners in my retail location, since they are not handmade they cannot be listed on etsy but email me and I can make sure you get one if you are interested, I will post them all as they come in on my blog and Facebook
I love that these can go with any decor and are child safe!  Melted tarts do not reach a temp high enough to burn a child and can be left on while outside or running errands you come back the house smells delicious!

I will be carrying mason jar tart warmers as well, these can also hold lavender, or rose petals, cinnamon sticks just to name a few decorative botanicals that can be change out for the season, I have botanicals available @ retail location to put in these, AND will be listing some next week on easy, love that these burners can fit into many decor styles

This sweet orange citrus scent with a kick of red chile may sound strange but it is one of my favorites for my home  it is a fill the room with scent kinda flavor love it!

 My daughter and I make these hair ties, they are good sellers at our retail location so we added some fall colors to our etsy shop!  Will be adding new colors next week..(after catching up with painting)!

Pink Sugar is a beautiful scent however in 100 % natural soy wax it requires a few weeks cure to reach maximum potential so when these are ready they will be listed on etsy.....

Thanks for reading hope you all have a lovely week!!

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