Okay another Wendell (my father) thing, seems like everything he did was driven by music and I have a deep appreciation on how music can set a mood and spark creativity!  Many times he would pick me up in the truck and a good song would come on the radio and he would park outside of the house and and we would sit and listen to the song, he would say listen to the words girl not just the music, listen to the words! There was no getting out of the truck until the song was over,  I was in lock down! There were times when I thought it was silly and wondered if the neighbors could hear as the radio got turned up very loud..... but today that is one of my favorite memories of my father and I have a deep appreciation for listening to words, stopping and enjoying a good song, wether it be serious, fun, or funky. There are times when I am ironing and just break out dancing with my daughter in my sewing room, she loves it and just giggles, life cannot be too planned, it is the unplanned moments we will remember the most I can only hope she has fond memories of me as I do of my father!  I of course had alot of country music influence from my parents, and as a child of the 70's was exposed to some awesome rock and roll, I have evolved over the years and there really is not a style of music I do not like so here goes:

......my first "Listen to the words not just the music sewing and blogging day" will be Stevie Nicks "The Wild  Heart", the video was taken in the early 80's when she was touring solo with her Wildheart album, this is footage that was taken backstage while she was getting her makeup done for the show. Her backup singer is also her makeup artist, looks like they are having alot of fun!  So today I am making an apron called "The Wildheart"! The Wildheart is on my playlist just click menu and scroll to Stevie Backstage. I will be Singing and Sewing!
Update! WildHeart pics!

I used a vintage dresser scarf set found at Antique shop. The handiwork is beautiful. The striped gold is French General, and the body is brown zebra stripes.
Dont' you love the model!! My husband says "the girl is kinda wirey don't you think.....
I still have to name my "wirey girl" as that handle just won't due..........she is sporting "WildHeart"
"The  WildHeart"  My first singing and sewing listen to the words not just the music Friday. Inspiration Stevie Nicks "WildHeart".   (check it out the rare backstage footage on my playlist!)

Here are some pictures of the awesome finds my mother brought me this week to work with!

Buttons, Crochet Hooks, Awesome Trimmings, Thread holders
Vintage Laces, Ribbons, and Quaker Lace Tablecloth

Wonderful vintage acrylic thread holder, mom filled it with threads!

This Lace is very vintage, back when they used to wrap it, it is Wrights.
Cutest Victorian couple on a bike!
This material is ever so 70's Fun and Funky!

More Lace! I love the French Blue

Come back to see my "Wild Heart "Apron!  I will be using the materials I posted several days ago with the brown leopard strips and gold waistband with Gold colored Vintage embroidery linens!

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