Lots goin on this week.....!!!

First I had to share this adorable picture I found while on the Bella Notte site
Is that cute or what??????

I am Getting daughter ready for back to school and loads of paperwork for hubbies business so I know I promised more New Orleans pics but that will be next week just wanted to show a few pics of what we have been doing this week

We got a hamster.......She is a Dwarf Winter White, she is precious and her name is Snowball,

 Meet Snowball
Abby and snowball  Abby requested I share pics of her and her ham ham with my blog readers!  (yes she sleeps in her dads shirts inside out) she is not shy and when I told her to change this morning for a pic she was like what is wrong with what I am wearing she is so confident in her own skin love it!!

I went to a flea market last weekend and found a prairie bonnet.....
They call me Prairie Sherry LOL

I did get patterns and am seriously going to make a few of these and put in my etsy the pattern I got was very intricate with little ruffles buttons etc.

We stocked our booth and hung french doors on smaller booth

I had an awesome FB Friend  Christina Miller find, help me acquire, and wrap and ship a vintage 8 foot long pink ballet barre to complete the ballet room it is on it's way!

Many other friends contributed to the room  Drena sent me a beautiful set of Degas Post Cards and book, music and angel, and hair comb and a ballet wrap pink soft sweater that I wore today!
I have to take pics of the wonderful additons that have came my way I have tried to recipocate the kindness and send some home made items to these wonderful ladies

Denise Goodman Shepherd handpainted a sign for me after seeing my inspirations I love it!!

Amanda Scarborough sent the prettiest ballerina figurine, an awesome vintage tin and paint by number vintage ballerinas for wall love them Thanks so much ladies !! I will get better photo's of everything when I complete the room put up the ballet barre and hang chandelier

All this kindness is making me feel like

a Ballerina!!

Wanted to share a few pics of Jacks that got sent to me,  I just love seeing them once they reach their destination  sharing them with you  I am continuing staying busy sewing Jacks and The heart of Texas throws,  I have plans for pillows, more aprons and bonnets to stock in my etsy soon!! ........

 Thanks Birgit for sharing your pic of your ShantyJacks and you furbaby I am still drooling over your settee!!!!
I adore when I get photo's like these!!

Drena Batheness Sent me a picture of her ShantyJack in her home love her dining nook lovely chandelier!! Thanks for sending!!

Tausha posted a pic of hers in her daughter room!  Love That Sadie is loving the Heart of Texas Throw!!

I almost completed a dress one evening but she has to wait a couple days while I work on orders and take daughter to get her back to school items  My mannequin wanted to go out on the town but she better wait till I finish the dress!!

Goth Chair I did in Annie Sloan Emille to go into booth next trip

So till next time ( and I will post about french quarter as there is so much french inspiration and patina and architecture I want to share!!)

Have a wonderful week Ya'll!!

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