Making your own hangtags

We all know that being in the antique business especially when you paint furniture gives you the opportunity to express yourself

This year with the move of my booth to a larger space I am feeling energetic and refreshed and wanted to make some new hangtags,  I though why not use my own pictures from my blog and then advertise the blog and Facebook

I had a package of cream cardstock avery business cards and went to avery online and pulled up a template that requires you have microspoft word, it also has a mac version wich I use as I am now mac all the way

I was able to type my name select font and color insert pictures and type my blog and facebook info and print, then I used a one whole punch and then tied walmart  twine.....I love feminine beauty mixed with rustic natural,  it dresses up the booth a little having pictures of how to display vintage decor and adds a little piece of my own photography work to my items and space

Cost......whatever it cost to get avery business cards...I have had mine for two years using what I had, twine is like 97Cents..... and printer cartridges as needed....lot's of fun and  a chance to  express individuality!!

I also have "postcard business cards in my booth I went to overnight and used the postcard template selected color pulled in three pictures used two sided typed info sent to them to print paid with credit card and had printed professional PostCards with my own photography cost depends on  how  much you order it is very reasonable and adds a special touch I put a few stacks of these around my booth for my customers to be able to connect

When I put handmade items in my Etsy shop or in my Retail booth I sew little tags inside to brand my creations, these I do have made by a lady on etsy love to support the small business person!

So I am one of those that did not pay to have a logo.......yet, just plain and simple is what draws me in and what I chose to use for my branding. I like to make my space be it Etsy or Shantygirl@Lonestar feel like a boutique shopping experience.

I got some fabrics in the mail from a friend today and I am feeling the creative bug coming on!

Hope this has given those of you in business for yourselves some easy affordable ideas to brand for yourself I really feel it is the small touches that make the shoppping experience more fun!

Have a Wonderful Weekend Ya'll


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