Me and ShantyGirl

Shanty Girl Studio is complete! I was sweeping ground shavings of wood off the floor from the  last minute furniture distress work I was doing as Lil Sis (Wendy Dunn of Digitally Dunn) pulled up. She took alot of photo's of the studio that I have to go through, she is a wonderful freelance photographer and I am so lucky to get her to shoot my studio, I will post the "Reveal" On Monday.  I am very excited about what I did to a piece of furniture that I just got the idea for early this morning, it is my favorite thing in the room now!

Just a little corner of the studio

Shanty Girl and I are loving the new Studio!!
I am daydreaming of being done with Garage Sale (so much unfun work) then I can
work on some more original designs!

I am happy with the room! I am centered, I am at peace, I am feeling the feng shui! I am ready to create!

So now I am  off into garage sale land for the weekend, the forecast is bright and goal is to have the sale cover the paint/supplies and cool little antiques I bought and to simplify household to have less clutter to clean and more time for fun!

Hope you come back to see the Reveal of my completed Shanty Girl Studio


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