Meeting your customers is such a joy!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet a young couple who found my French DemilunaTable on Etsy.  They drove from Houston to my hometown in North DFW area approx 6 hours away, (they have Grandparents that live here and picked up the table while visiting for the holiday)

Demi luna painted Grey and heavily distressed by hand.

French demiluna Anthro Knob

I was so tickled that someone from Houston spotted my work on etsy and came by to meet me, they also bought my Handpainted and distressed grey Duncan Phyfe side table while at my Shanty Chateau Booth at Pickers point, it is just so pleasant to meet people with like tastes and discuss antiques, home renovations etc. Gotta love the way that we can network through etsy and blogger to people that we would not normally be able to meet!

Aren't Lauren and Pablo the cutest couple! Sorry Pablo got you with your eye's closed
Hope you both really enjoy your tables in your cottage home you are renovating! 
It sure was a pleasure to visit with you both!

I am cooking a brisket....making potatoe salad, corn on cob, jalapeno beans, Carrot cake as we will celebrate for the next two days.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!


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