Merry Christmas Happy New Year and things that have been going on here!

I have been so busy with booth, candle making Holiday fun, traveling, hanging out with family.......

So I wanted to say little words and just show what has been going on around here, wish everyone

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

 Cole and Abby Decorating cookies

 Happy Birthday Jesus Cake!
 Melvin and I got a night out going to His Christmas party and we got to stay at the Stockyards Hotel in the bonnie and clyde room!!
 I had a peppermint bark gifting obsession this year, love my pepper mint bark I made candles in the
same scent and stuck in the teachers bags!

 candles in back
 I just have so much fun making candles
 Hicks Tree 2013
 We broke out mom's ruby red cape cod glassware that I inherited, used burlap and wrapped presents in kraft paper and stamped
 a wonderful blog and facebook friend of mine sent me a couple goodies I adore this mickey mouse ornament from Disneyworld, and I am going to after the holidays sit down and read her novel she wrote I am already intrigued with what I have read I will share more after holidays!!
 we hung our cards on chains
 we had a five day ice in ice storm.....
 mom and gramma collected ruby red cape cod and we used it as I was growing up for the holidays I am proud to be able to have it and carry on the tradition
 We went with good friends to see the Gaylord Ice show it was wonderful!!

 I love silver, red, sleights  went back to a more traditional look for christmas and I love it
 Our tree
 can you see the victorian house and vintage truck?? Melvin and I are collecting the hallmark ones
the house represents the victorian mansion we stayed in for thanksgiving, more pics later, truck represents how we love vintage trucks
 Abby had a blast decorating
 I adore sleighs and have had the stocking holder and candle holders for many years

 coffee and cocoa station for my visitors this season
 just a few pics of the decor
 Yep I thouroughly enjoyed bringing back the red to my christmas decor, I had strayed for 18 years.....I had a victorian tree for a bit, then a rudolph tree then a shabby chic praire tree now just a classic mix matched christmas color decor but my family said this was the best tree and decor we have had yet they love it
 Rosey our elf had so much fun she rode horses, took a bath one day in a lavender filled crock she was all over the place
I always want to make sure my family and I remember the reason for the season,  The Birth of Jesus Christ  My mother bought me this nativity many years ago and I cherish it so much I found the lords last supper on our Thanksgiving trip to arkansas and will cherish it as well.

So Have a very Merry Christmas from my house to yours!!

Have a Wonderful and Blessed New year!!

The Hicks Family

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