Moving my Studio

I am in the process of moving my sewing studio from the extra bedroom to the sunroom.  My daughter who lives in Cali will be visiting with our Grandbaby soon and I want to set up a beautiful room for them to stay. I also have more room in the sunroom and feel part of the household when working not tucked back in the back.  I have much more work to do before asking my baby sister to shoot pics with her camera but here are a couple of pieces of furniture I painted in the room and a few inspiration pieces.

I call this dresser Barbie Pink...........she is going to conceal many craft items, sewing items, fabric
I originally painted this piece for my booth but fell in love, it is a very sturdy well made piece and it has found a place in my sunroom and is the beginning of the Studio move!

These are just a few things that inspired me to sew/design  this is a very old Gaudy Girl print box with
a mirror inside I have several Gaudy Girl Prints throughout the room.

Just a picture to show you what I was doing before taking a break to blog........I sold a couple more tables today at booth and they called and informed me so I got right to painting more!  Yes that is a taupe/almost pink coffee table!  These will be handwaxed, antiqued and distressed before they go in tomorrow.
And I have made 7 new magnetic chalkboards to put in both booths as these are selling as fast as
I can make them! I have two that are framed in Antique French Paper Mache, you can see the antique french newspaper articles on back of frame!!!

I purchased this from a sweet dealer Linda at Pickers Point I am very inspired by images of
women dressed in french and antebellum clothing

This chest was a 1970's piece we got at auction it is very sturdy has loads of space for my fabric and has
my antique sewing drawer collection, my mothers rocking chair pinholder and my grandmothers sewing box 0n top  I painted this piece in Martha Stewarts Hosta, Now that I will not have a closet to hide the fabric it is very necessary for alot of concealed storage!

This is an antique italian silkscreen print that inspired me!

This was another find at Pickers Point and will hang right above my sewing machine!
I love this piece!

Have a wonderful Wednesday all!


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