Moving To Grapevine Antique Market

Hi Everyone!

I have some very exciting news

At the end of this month my Antique/Home Decor business will be changing locations to Grapevine Antique Market  1641 W.  Northwest Highway Grapevine, TX.  I have the opportunity to take a space in the very front of the store right next to the Lunch/Coffee Bar Wifi lounge area and am very excited by the opportunity.

 Grapevine Antique Market been a shopping spot for me for a few years and they have been doing a lot of renovations and when I went in a couple of weeks ago and saw the renovations and a few of my favorite dealers were there and

......Lady Butterbug my chalkpaint dealer has opened a space there.......I remember driving to Mckinney Texas  (1.5 hour drive) to buy paint from her for a long time then got excited when she opened a space in Dallas (45 minutes to buy paint...)  I thought...hmm If I move in here I could just walk a few booths away to get my supplies.....

I just could not get the idea out of my mind the closer location, (we camp on grapevine lake several weeks a year. we boat the lake, .we shop old town grapevine ) the new look/vibe of the antique market is amazing a little urban a little french quarter.....this .just really excited the inner Shantygirl in me,  the space was calling my name so I called the management and we made arrangements and I will be there by August 1!!

 This is the front desk area of the mall, I love the french quarter feel and the patina of the doors and concrete floors, concrete countertop.  The beautiful old archetecture pieces making the counter all the different patina's love the new vibe!

This area is to the left when you walk in, loving the loft lighting, exposed brick walls, concrete wall finishes again all the salvage architecture.....there will be a coffee bar/wifi lounge area right here as well.
And Under the wood pergola right next to the eating, lounging area will be Shantygirl  like I said I am being very inspired by a French Quarter open Market feel........all the European colors and the patina's of the french quarter are dancing through my head as I prepare for this booth hope you stop by to see our Grapevine Antique Market if you live close by!!

Renovations still in process I will show more pictures as it all progresses and next week I will show some of my future fellow dealers booths!

I went back through some of my Booths in the past a walk through memory lane and wanted to share

When I first got back in the business after a ten year break (had to go back to corporate world for a bit...)  I moved into a small place right down the street from me that was just opening up. It is still there it is called Pickers Points, it was fun but there was no air conditioning and it was rough I stayed for about ten months this was my booth,

Then I moved to Uniques Gallery In Roanoke where I stayed for a year

First I had a booth in a back area this was one of my favorite setups, the shop was brand new as well and unfortunately eventually closed  I had fun, made friends built up a little clientele

This was my first booth at Uniques, it was in the garage area I we built a door wall
Then my friend Barbara and I opened the booth right next to this as well I kept european brights on one side and we did more french country whites and neutrals on the other
Then Uniques opened up the building next to them and moved me out of the garage to the window front

Window area at Uniques

Then.....I moved to my first established large mall.....Lonestar

This was my first booth at Lonestar  we had an end cap and had fun by hanging a dresser and making walls on both sides out of doors with the coolest patina

Then I opened up a second booth right next door
When a larger booth located a little closer to the tea room but still an isle away opened I took it and combined the two booths to what is now my current booth at Lonestar

So...........My Lonestar booth will be having a twenty percent off sale, call or contact me to make offers I hate to move to deal, there are cards in my booth with my phone number

Well that is my "Antique Booth Journal"  all in one place I have hundreds of pictures on my shantygirl facebook page and I am very curious after seeing these pictures just how many pieces of furniture did I paint and sell over the last few years.......I have had wonderful customers and hope those that can will visit me in my new space!

And finally I just wanted to show a picture of the two pieces I finished this week

 I love doing two toned finishes and I love hand waxing and I love restaining wood when the piece warrants it....this piece currently resides at Lonestar just got there yesterday

 Then I did a 100 plus year old mission secretary piece aka really cool laptop desk.....I did some restaining of wood and painted the rest in Versailles she is handwaxed and distressed, she is very solid oak amazing that in the early 1900's one would sit with a quill pen and ink well and possibly apply a heated wax seal to send letter, now someone will probably sit with laptop and send emails back and forth amazing that the craftmanship of these antique pieces make it through a hundred years and this will probably make another hundred.........

Leading me to the reason I am not tired of painting and redoing furniture yet........I love the transformations I love to make something desirable to the now generation to be appreciated, I love being inspired by places like Anthropology and being able to hand paint and offer something to my customers at an affordable price

So I hope you follow me on my new journey, it is a bit smaller of a space than I now have and I will not be closing off with walls I will be working around new obstacles, and a new vibe.  I will offer a little less furniture and a little more handmade items, bath items bags etc.  a little bit of lighting, some home decor pillows etc. to my booth

More Pictures next week sorry this was so long but it was gathering all my thoughts on booths and a journal of sorts for me to look back and have.......Next week I am doing a large china hutch for new space and we are making a table out of an industrial cart......

Have a wonderful rest of your week!!


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