My girls are coming and a nomination!!!! I need your help please!!

My Daughter Cassie and Grandaughter Ella, who live in California are coming for a visit this week and I cannot wait.

My daughter Cassie is a professional Photographer her webiste  
there are many samplings of her beautiful work.

I love that I get to see artistic potraits on a regular basis and cannot wait to have Abby and Ella photographed together here are Cassie's new business cards featuring non other than Little Ella my Grandbaby, whom I get to cuddle hold and play with all week!!

So last night we get a little video of Ella saying in her little two year old voice,  Abby gonna be there? Abbigail got cool toys.........Poppa gonna be there? Granna gonna be there?

Now I don't want to spend the whole post bragging but I feel my daughter just has a natural eye for Potrait photography using natural light, I feel this is her gift.   I thought her work excelled from the beginning and today she announced that she was nominated over at her favorite Photography site

Please click on the link and go vote for Cassie, this means so much to her,   I would appreciate it!!  I am signing off till next week gotta get in all the hugs and kisses I can!

Have a Wonderful week

(we are sneaking a few new things into Lonestar, a china cabinet, bed and dresser this weekend to fill booth hope you stop by! )


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