My Hall

I painted a table this week and put it in the sunroom but today I put it here

I had grown tired of this area and was considering white but after I pust the table in here the contrast of colors
 I could never go all white I love the contrast of vibrant color with alot of splashes of white though!!

This is a very small entrayway just a place to hang a jacket and get through! but it needed something
I put my Granny's blue mason jar in my enamelware basin and red roses in it (I love red roses and these smell so good!)  I keep picking up petals around the house and

I dumped them in the basin and hopefully after this summer the basin will be full of dried petals I may add some lavender to make the hall smell nice!

I hope that each an everyone of you has a wonderful mothers day !!!
Enjoy every second with your family, I miss my mother so and wrote a song for her that I will post with her tribute of pictures over the weekend.  I am doing well I am ready to start smiling!!

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