My Second Booth Decor Inspired by a Stove

Inspired by a stove

Over the last couple of months I have of course as usual been scouring magazines for inspiration.  I have been getting alot of inspiration to do my upcoming Shantygirl booth at Uniques Gallery  from.............stoves and kitchen Islands. This look is all over the Kitchen/Bath mags and in most of the latest home decor magazines.  I will share some images of these inspirations over the next few posts.

Source Dave Coot Designs
Once particular colorway that has really caught my eye is white cabinets with an in you face blue, say completely white kitchen with a blue wolverine stove in the middle, Or complete whites with a beautiful aubusson colored Kitchen Island  (I have many more inspiration images I will share over the next couple weeks of the white with just a touch of blue!)

So........for my second booth that I am opening later this week I have been picking up doors for walls and I found a few beautiful chippy white doors (doing a trade with a wonderful close friend of mine!  Thanks Barb!)

One wood door that just needs to stay this way!

And A newer lead glass door that just sang out paint me blue, put me in between whites and put a little wood across the other wall........I will be the focal point of your booth, My daughter picked the color to paint this door and the door again was a trade with my friend Barb!

My 7 year old picked this color of Home and Gardens (walmart) paint, she thought it reminded her of
the blues I had posted pictures of last week (below)
My lil Pardners color turned out awesome for this door, I painted this as the sun came up this morning and I have to wait for a decent sand and antique it!
  I am on the lookout for 2 more doors.........I saw some perfect ones this weekend but they were attached to abandoned house in rural Oklahoma, I did not want to get arrested for removing doors.........but dang they were cute!   In Oklahoma this weekend, We did get some cool furniture from My Niece!  Thanks Melissa!  I will show the completed pieces later this week, and then their was that 100+ year old french iron bed we found at a used tire shop, and pics of the Man that sells tires but really is a front for very cool antiques!!..........long story includes a 100+ year old vanity weeks post!

Shantygirl @ Uniques Gallery Roanoke Texas to be opened by the weekend!  It may take a few days more to get the booth completed enough for pictures. If you are in the area hope you stop by!! (address is listed in my retail locations area at top of this page)

And here is a 1930's Waterfall Dresser and a handmade american girl doll sleigh bed I painted, bed is for my daughter's dolls dresser is down at Pickers Point Keller Texas! ( I took picture before we attached all the knobs)

Thanks for reading

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