My Style

I have been in the processes of refining and defining my style.........I love vintage mixed with new, I am very influenced by France, Italy and Spain in color and design and I drool over Rachel Ashwell, Romantic Prairie and French Farmhouse decor.......throw in a little Texas girl...........

So I am not sure what you want to call it but it is me, it might not make it to any magazine or book as I am very electic by nature, but I don't think I risk the chance of being called boring........or traditional.......

Here is a piece that I have finished and for some reason could not take down to either of my booths, there was interest on Etsy but the shipping arrangements were more than what either of us were willing to handle.  So guess what

It is a keeper, I just cannot load it up in my vehicle and take her anywhere, she belongs with my European Tex Vintage Chic home!

Circa 1920's English Barley Twist Sideboard, I will put all my ancestors pictures
in it and have silver frames with the grans and great grans, great great grans on top.
This resides in an entry way that is never used.......we all come through kitchen

My husband brought home this beveled mirror that had a pretty flowerpot picture but was all dark wood
I started to paint and daughter begged I mean begged me not to cover the flowers, she said please momma please, I still need to antique this but I think since she was so prevalant about how pretty she thought it was that it needs to be part of the house.

So I guess what I am trying to say is I look at magazines and am tempted to copy the all white, or monochrome, then I see a home dripping in French provencial and think I could do that........but I have come to the conclusion that since I have been working on this home for 8 years and adding a piece I love here and there and it looks totally different than anything I have ever seen well, it is me, not magazine perfect but perfect for us!

Thanks for reading

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