My Style Union Jacks and Deep in The Heart of Texas Throws!

Here is a picture of my new Grey "ShantyJack" I made

I have  some  friends and followers that I had made some Union Jacks for and they posted a few pictures on their blogs and I want to thank them!!

These PIllows were custom made for Tracie at Fishtail Cottage she was kind enough to blog and take photo's

 We talked and she wanted something to go with the Guest room she was doing, with Grey Walls, this is what I came up with soft shades of Blue and Grey on Grey Linen
I love her walls and the patina of the bed is killing me love that bed.  Thanks for sharing Tracie!!

Rachel Pallas of ShabbyFrenchForMe  wanted a White Jack to go in her living area, this was just in time for her new home.  Later she got to meet her BFF blog friend  Tausha who had a grey one and Rachel said I like the grey one too!  Here are pics Rachel posted on her blog.  Thanks so much Rachel!!!
 Rachel's Grey Jack she says white one is for the wall this one is to use she has sent me pics of the cutest little boy cuddled in it too!  Soft and cuddly and plenty big enough for a throw!
 These are colors I used for Rachel's Linen White Jack
Then there is Tausha at  Simply me the one who kinda got me started, I sew a jack for myself and posted a picture and she liked and well I loved her dreamcatchers so we just worked it out the good old fashioned way!

Thanks for the lovely pics Tausha!

Now I love to read alot of beautiful vintage chic style blogs with romantic decor but I get especially tickled when something I spent time with  sewing shows up in a picture.   I recieved many more pics from other friends but most have cute little children cuddled sleeping with visions of sugarplums or an awesome furbaby and I  did not have time today to get permission before posting from everyone

Then.....after a short break....I decided to make a different kind of Jack and to design my take on the Texas State Flag my home state!  I am still working on another flag that was promised soon!  (Thanks for reminding me Tracie!!)

And Then there was the giveaway of the last Jack sewn in this fashion that had come back and the winner was Sandy  at Love of White, Thanks for the lovely pictures I so glad Jack gets to hangout allover your house!!
Jack on the wall
On back of couch
On the bed...Thanks Sandy!!

I want to show you the flag/throws that I have designed this week,with my very own touch and added in my etsy shop today.  These are made to order Thanks for the sales and Reserves that already happened this morning!!  So far all items ordered will still ship around Aug 6-8.  Hope you like what I have designed!!

Let me know your thoughts!  I am using my much loved Cabbages and Roses fabrics for now that is what I am enjoying working with and incorporated  it into my designs

This Jack's colors were picked out by a blog friend Anne over at Fiona and Twig whom I adore reading her blog, I had been following her Farmhouse renovations saga for sometime and she and I have the loss of our mother's recently in common her more recent than I.  she just needs a little something something  and after I made this my daughter was like "this is my favorite of all"  so I posted a listing in my shop to sew for anyone who likes these colors!  so soft feminine but yet the nubby texture of the bleached drop cloth that has been softened is like that of an old french linen  Hope she loves it!!   I know that it will not take place of having a mom...but she sure can cuddle up in her cute farmhouse on a rainy day with a book and cup of joe and just know that she is thought of! I added the strips behind the colors to add dimension and layers to the Union Jack throws this is nothing new as this is a little more like the traditional flag, but I have yet to see one just like these!

Stil showing Jacks with Tausha's catchers these babies just go so good together.....I'm just saying....

Then Tausha Went and had a lil ole B-Day Tausha  was it 17 no wait 27? ....girl looks so young! she  has really been wanting to visit Texas and I hope one day she does!  I joked with her that I was going to make her come to Texas to get this one.....maybe with the bluebonnets in the spring..?? she picked these color choices for my very first
"Deep in the heart of Texas"  I placed a Star in the top of the heart.  In Texas all children around first grade have to sing a song on Western day...The stars shine bright deep in the heart of texas and I sang that song over and over while making this throw
The Catchers she makes with the Heart of Texas remind me of cowboys and Indians  romantic style!

Well my best Antiquing buddy (other than hubby and daughter of course)  Saw my fabrics and swooned over the Lavenders in the Cabbages and Roses she picked out the colors and....
I have to say the cream in the lavenders and the cream from the cloth well I gotta sew me one of these!(I want one of each)

 I sew a quarter inch seam on the fabric and then again on the supporting cloth so you can have frey but it will not overfrey past the seamline.

More sewing involved with the added layers but i love the depth that it brings to these pieces they look and feel more substantial.

I hand Delivered this lucious lavender Jack  yesterday and she gave me a new  Linen Bella Notte floral Euro sham  buttery cream  with pinks and lilacs.....I just about fainted she  (Barbara) said to put pillow in and put on my chair to use when sewing......Now how sweet is that, (Pic later  when I clean sewing room from all the sewing there are scraps all over floor....) I used it last night and today and guess what back is not sore  what a sweet friend!  So she calls me two hours later says can you come over.....i stop by and......she redecorated her bed to go with this jack. Really Barb I am flattered and wish I had my camera to take pic of the lavender room with the union jack!  I will take photos next time as her house is jawdropping full of vintage goodness!

This Jack color combination was requested by an awesome new blog friend Marcia over at Vintage French Hen, she had been looking at my ballet room pics and read my request I need ballet pointe shoes she had pointes and well you know how I like to do things the ole fashion way I get the pointes she gets the jack!! Gotta love it the ole barter system at work!

White linen with Pinks...

Hope she likes it what a doll!

So even though I designed my  version I will call it shanty jack,  I picked backings and a fabric line to use that I is working with other people and their input and getting ideas that makes each of us grow I think the difference between large companies and the cottage industry is the one on one attention feedback and the love that is put into each of our crafted/painted/picked items!..... so I hope you like these and there are listings in my Etsy for anyone who wants one!!  My  Shanty Jacks and Heart of Texas Throws are full throw size 72 by 50 can be used on wall, bed, beautiful to hang on floating couch!

I have three large dogs outside (well one is small but very mean spirited....) a ferocious guard cat and a very large couple  of grown men really strong  burly guys whom call me mom  watching the house so I can say this on the net I am off with hubby for a few days to refresh re-energize and well see what trouble we can get into in New Orleans!!

Showing the love for my Antique booth and Etsy shop when I get back I  have many new vintage finds/ Hand painted furniture pieces  to stock!

Have an awesome Week Ya'll!!!


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