My Vintage Scores!

I went to a wonderful barn/estate sale a few weeks ago and bought a small toolbox and   old rusted Cow tags among other things.  Now I knew these two items were cool and took them to my antique booth not sure how to price the cow tags.

Before I priced them one of my dear fellow Antiqians (is that a new word?)  Gasped she said I have to have these and the tool box reminded her of her fathers that he had and she had to have that too.  We worked out a trade sorry I did not get pictures of tool box and cow tags but here is what I got!

a very very very old red cast iron scale working with all the weights and the pan!!!!!
Goes great in my kitchen with my momma's Ruby Red, perfect spot for my onions and garlic!  I love love love it.

This side table was a little beat up and had seen better days, however with a 3 minute sanding on top and a french style paint job on the bottom it will go perfect in my living area.  There is a label on the bottom that says company Tennessee Lane Red Cedar. I looked it up and the company started in 1910 I feel with the lines of the table it is very close to that age.

I am just too tickled with the people I get to meet in this line of business, all the my fellow Antiqians are way cool!

I will show a picture of the completed table, it needs stain, antiquing to age and blend the white to the french blue and alot of wax to buff I started this today after I

Painted quite a few magenetic chalkboards to put in my booth

I used a yellow on this one and antiqued it, used three coats of magnetic primer and 2 coats of chalkpaint
one could put magnets to hold pictures, chalk the family initial, put dinner menu, leave love notes
the possibilities are endless. I am making alot of little magnets this evening and crocheting flowers to make crocheted magnets this week.
A few more in pink, whites, and gold, I have an aqua one in the booth I did yesterday.
I love repurposing old frames!

I will be back tomorrow with my finished table and some pictures of my restocked, rearranged
 "Shanty Chateau" booth at
Pickers Point, Keller Texas

Have a Lovely Thursday!

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