New Booth At Lonestar Antiques and good news for two of my boys!

Hi all,  I have been having a really busy busy week!  I have been at Lonestar Antique Mall for over a year now and absolutely loving it here!!!  So when a large booth came up closer to the tea room I took it and am excited to combine both my smaller booths into one larger booth keeping it all together!!

I will be located exactly one isle from the tearoom towards the back wall on the left, hope you stop by and see me there!

Son's and I painted the booth white and I love the lighter stain on the concrete floors .  This booth is a little harder to photo the whole thing at once on my iPhone when I get it complete I will take the nikon there are more doors hung on either entrance way

Now I have alot of new things to put in I just had to get all my existing stuff  halfway situated still have not been able to take in my once upon a time dresser as I did not want to move it in  just to move it, still need to hang my dresser shelf on wall and slide this baby right under it!! , keep in mind Me and son's did the painting, move and decor in nine hours split up in three days as we were all so busy and I have to get daughter know life.....we utilized all the doors that we had that were the wall on previous booth yes they are for sale!  Did not intend to have this many and this is after we sold three.........

To see what paint and techniques I used please read previous post below "once upon a time"

More pics of new booth  Shantygirl@Lonestar

I love having a bed setup, I did use Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic bedding from Target to dress it up, I will be adding some handmade throws, pillows, napkins and bags soon!

lots of handpainted mirrors, vintage milkglass and beautiful rose glassware, farmhouse and french mixed in, even an antique enamel porta potty..........had to balance out the

Both of my son's are starting new Jobs  Frankie will be working as a Welder for a wonderful company close to home with excellent hours and benefits lots of room for growth within company, Cole is going to Work on a Cruise Ship, just cruising round Hawaii .... Both  worked very hard to get these jobs they booth went through all kinds of  heck interviews, test's, intelligence and physical...took a bit to get them and they both are starting this coming week.  And they both have to go through further training and testing to Keep positions. No they are not twins they just seem to have alot of coincidences in timing, I was so happy to have them have time this week to help me  we got to lunch together and Frankie had his birthday this week and we all had a wonderful Cajun dinner out to celebrate!!  I am so proud of them both for what they have achieved!! Love you both!!

Congrats Boys!! Good Luck!!
Frank (25), Me (really old) , and Cole (30)

(this was painting day at Lonestar no fixing up for

So Have a wonderful weekend Ya'll and hope my local customers stop by to see my new location!!


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