New Chapter in my life......"House of Four Gables"

We have so busy

My husband had a major surgery and  just days after his surgery.....I thought it would be a whole lot of fun to trip over a cord that I was using to put charger on battery for my car (passenger door was left open.....)
I careened down a sloped drive way.....only being stopped by nose, thank the lord for inheriting this large honker it could have been broke arms or facial bones.....I went to emergency room diagnose....broke nose  6 stitches, black and blue eyes, road rash under eyes on get the picture..... (thanks to little sister I got a ride to ER Melvin could not walk let alone drive at this point)

Things have gotten way better hubby is recovering I have a livable scar that can be covered with makeup if anything it just adds a bit of tough girl character to the face, a don't mess with me type of look ...hahaha ,slightly crooked lil bone in  it's all good

We looked at a piece of land went to Sons Wedding in Santa Barbara (beautiful wedding) daydreamed about land and when we came back we could not get over the love of the land and....

We placed bid on land we are in contract for land and we picked out a house plan (House of Four Gables, Southern Living)  soooo.......

I will be so incredibly busy getting our house on the market, sold, picking out things for new place overseeing build, getting moved etc....

That........I have had to make the decision to stop the antique business for a time being......I love Grapevine Antiques and I love painting furniture and making things....but there is a season for everything and this is my season to focus more on God, family, home and making a homestead in the country, learning to milk a cow, raise a couple of chickens and get better at horseback riding.  This has been a dream of mine all my life to return to the farm life.  I was so happy as  a little girl living on the 82 acres for a couple of years in Indiana in a two story farmhouse my best childhood memories come from that place and I turn 50 this fall and hope to live out the rest of my years making those kind of memories for my children their children and God willing  their childrens children one day.

I will have a huge sale the month of April in my booth at Grapevine I am even painting and bringing more in so it will be stocked in the next few days , a great friend of mine Barbara will be stocking my Shantygirl Candles in her booth at Golightly's North Richland Hills Texas

yes I will find a spot on the 12 acres to throw out some bluebonnet seeds!

Thanks for hanging in there and reading this whole post.....

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