New Orleans-1 The Melrose Mansion

Hi everyone, I wanted to share pics of my recent vacation in New Orleans and when I got home and realized how many I had taken I decided I better split the post up in a few parts.  We did so many things, so I wanted to start by showing you the place we stayed for 6 days, The Melrose Mansion on Esplanade Avenue in the French Quarter,

 The Melrose Mansion look through the gate and the stairway lead up to the Master Suite Room we stayed in that had a wall of shutters that overlooked pool and Esplanade Avenue

 Foyer of Melrose
 Loved the added touch of ceilings painted sky blue

 There are 14 rooms total, ours was separated and a suite but to access some of the rooms inside you would travel up this beautiful staircase, love the Glass
 Everywhere you looked the detail was amazing
 The view from my balcony at night.  There was always soft jazz music being piped through on the outdoor areas

 This home was built for a family that occupied it for some time in the late 1800's
 But it was sold to Sal Owens a very popular nightclub owner who ran a cabaret that is still in the family on Bourbon Street, it was said that this is where he housed all the young cabaret ladies who performed in his was told to us by the receptionist that this was considered to be a brothel at that time wether there be fact to that rumour is unknown I have not found anything when researching.
 This pool was amazing to do laps in you could see the street it was semi private everyone was looking in the gate that walked by to see just what was inside

 In the morning coffee and a continental breakfast was served and wine with cheese and fruit was served between 6-7 every evening
this is where the wine was drank....I read a few chapters of my book here and there were travelers from all over to speak with
 We climbed the staircase to our suite and unlocked the door...

 OH my I said....oh my
 These are the plantation shutters that overlook pool and main house
 this is back door that has small balcony I walked out here many an evening to stare at the moon and the beautiful architecture  I wondered who must have stood here seeing the same view before over 120 years ago.....
of course the decor is more modern than would have been at that time I loved the mix of classic details with modern furniture

Ok I have traveled a little in my time but this is the first time that the room had an expresso machine on a nine foot coffee bar leading to a balcony giving you an awesome place to plug in cameras, phones, laptops there was a fridge with water and ........pralines set out by the expresso machine....really.....oh my I said 

And another Oh my moment when entering bathroom Melvin opened door first and he said "Sherry you have to come look at this" He was impressed!

Oh my..........

My Hubby had his 51st Birthday at New Orleans!

I hope you follow me in the next few posts as we travel the French Quarter, the Garden district, the cemeteries, the Plantations.......Musuems and beautiful Churches.....(we did enjoy the food and a drink or two here and who is counting when you are walking right??)

My masquerade mask every girl has to have one right!?? and travel guide that I purchased the first day out of the oldest bookstore in New Orleans.....I  went the next day to shoot many a pic of the french quarter and the patina hope you join me on next post!! 

Thanks Ya'll have a happy Wednesday and see you in a day or two with part 2 "The patina of the French Quarter!! " 


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