Once upon a time there was an Ugly sixties Dresser...before and after

Once upon a time there was an ugly ole sixties dresser,  I pulled her in the kitchen, she had good bones at first I was thinking blue......then I thought maybe white and grey.....but she spoke to me she said

"NO NO I want to be a princess please please paint me pink and put some of that silver gilt that you got from Amy Chalmers over at Maison Decor, use her finger painting method that she showed on her blog with the gilt.....then take some dark annie sloan wax but not too dark just mix with clear and make me look timeworn and delicate"

I kid you not sometimes I have no idea what color something is going to turn out until I start and it does talk to me,,,,,,,no I have not been professionally seen for this condition I feel like the furniture whisperer or something  LOL  but here she is

I call her "Once Upon A time"  She will be taken to my booth  Shantygirl@Lonestar On Sunday with some other cool things that I have been working on  I was able to take a full load yesterday of mostly whites and architectural things

The before

Yes I have been painting in my kitchen again......girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, still don't want to paint outside, I do clean it up in time to pick up daughter and get home and cook dinner, well, most of the time.................

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

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