Opening up a Candle business Painting and Pouring!

It has been just a little bit since I have blogged last and I have so much going on

I have decided to add my very own 100 % Soy Candle line to my offerings in my retail location and will be stocking them on Etsy  Oct. 1, I will have a one week free shipping sale to celebrate the "Grand Candle Opening" event

I will be selling candles in different sizes all vegan/kosher friendly 100 percent soy,  dye free,no phalates fragrance oils and essential oils, soy dipped natural wick for a cleaner healthier burning candle. I have been testing and pouring testing and pouring as I am a perfectionist wanting the highest quality soy candle one can make, after many many late nights and early mornings I feel confident with my work and will be stocking Oct. 1

Here are just a few pictures of my Shantygirl Artisan Soy Candles and Tart's that I have been pouring, I am in the packaging process so not all have been labeled lot's of more work to do over the next two weeks!

 after alot of pouring and testing by me in my kitchen I have come up with a wonderful clean burning, well scented 100% natural soy candle and tart melts

 I will be selling in 16 oz canning jars, clear and american heritage blue (while supplies last), 8 oz quilted Jelly Jars, 8 oz square mason jars, and the perfect gifting size or travel size and great for putting in bathroom size a 4 oz. quilted jelly jar.  I have also perfected my recipe for 100% soy wax tarts in a 2.75 shell I have chosen to go dye free for a completely natural scent experience
 Labeling process was also designed and printed by me this will be a small Artisan candle business, small batches made with love and careful attention to each and every jar!
 I  will be adding new scents to my line but not till each and everyone is put through the test!

The curing cupboard  I will carefully cure each candle before it is put in retail or shipped to customer
soy candles get better with age and reach maximum scent potential between 2 and 3 weeks depending on scent, I have here batches of 16 oz American Heritage Blue commerative 100 years of american canning jars limited time only while supplies last!
In My kitchen is a batch of Oatmeal Milk and Honey in 4 oz. 16 oz. and tart melts still working on all labeling!

I will be able to do bulk orders for events, still working out pricing on that will need 1 month lead time for large orders for pouring, curing and labeling!
(inspired by son and future daughter in law)!!

While these would be great for a rustic wedding, I could do baby announcement candles or tarts, baby shower, Birthday's custom labeling will be for orders of 25 or more shipping via priority mail or local pickup

Yes I am stil Painting while Pouring, will continue to do my rustic vintage painted furniture (my first Love) just wanted to add a new line to my work!  reveal of this awesome dresser soon!  Using Miss Mustardseeds Dried Lavender and Linen.....

Who said an Artisan can't be a " Painter" and a "Chandler"!!

"Chandler" in Mediaval times the person in the castle/village that was responsible for the making of soaps and candles any use of tallow.......hmmmmm do you smell cold process soap making in the future hint. hint...

Thanks Ya'll for reading and hope you stop by on October 1 for my free shipping "Grand Candle Opening" event!

Have a wonderful Week!

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