Our Summer Inspirations and a Pink Lemonade Vodka Slush Recipe

When My Daughter in Law Photographer Tasha Hicks came over to shoot our Summer Special Limited Edition Fragrance Line we needed to brainstorm on how to convey the ideas I had in my head...Now as much as I would have loved to jump on a plane and the two of us take a tropical vacation to do the shoot, go sit on the beach with drinks in hand........well we had to compromise....at least this year.....

The two of us came up with a set that included, drinks, sand, and flowers always flowers! And then of course we could not waste those drinks.  I feel that her photographs hit my vision on the mark I am so lucky to have such a talented photographer in the family.

I can seriously feel the coolness of the side of the glass smell the ocean and orchids and mist and feel the sand between my toes when looking at this photo!

Sea Salt And Orchid reminds me so much of an Island Vacation in a Tropical Paradise,  whereas,  Ocean Mist with the Ozone and Marine notes reminds me of my summers in California Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway and hanging out at Zuma, Malibu, Santa Monica Beach and the Santa Monica Pier.....it would be so hot during the day we would swim and wave jump for hours then it cooled off and you would have to put a windbreaker on, there was this little spot on the way home before we hit  Topanga Canyon Called Neptunes Net.  You could have a towel wrapped around you or a cover up, sand in your hair, they totally did not care...... you would order your seafood by picking it out in the tank and go sit on the picnic tables to eat....

Ok so I get inspired and I like share my Stories.............so now for that recipe

I looked up a recipe to share and this one looks amazing and fun and easy to do the night before entertaining!  For Alchohol Free simply omit Alchohol!


So I hope you get a chance to try the recipe. It just is going to be so much summer fun!


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