Painting LIving Room....Annie Sloan Chalkpaint Greek Blue!!!

First let me tell ya I still promise to do a French Quarter Patina post just been really really busy and I have unfinished house projects that I am going to finish.  My Daughter is back in school and so I started today.

It started with wood paneling in living room and Mediterranean Sun ceiling......then I painted half of the large area white to see if I could "Feel it"... Hubby said yesterday please don't paint the whole house white, he likes color, daughter loves the Greek Blue and then I saw these on pinterest.....

Loving the blues I saw on brownish grey stone house, loving the lilac/lavenders colors I really am feeling this and want to incorporate in my living room, now it is daring not all will like this but my Daughter and Husband will so..............I got enough Chalkpaint at new Local dealer, got my brushes...drop clothes........and got some grey to do my rafters like those in the picture above of living room

 I will use all these colors in my living room, gramma's lavender English pitcher, lavenders from cabbages and roses, drop cloths old grain sacks.......linen ruffles
 I think it will all accent the white furniture and leather couches
 Instead of grey building blue shutters I will have blue wall grey shutters.......White china hutches flanking fireplace for a pop
I will post when I am done,  Hope you come back to see this and doing a little to the kitchen and hall too................

Till then my friends have a good one!! (I hope this is just a couple days but who knows.....)


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