Parisian Ballet Room

I have been looking at Photo's mostly on Pinterest and I pinned a complete board of ballet inspirations for my workout room ( Yes this week I started working out in the living room to my pilates and ballet workouts and want a space a quite pretty space to keep me motivated! ) I think I have chosen the color......and the feel I am so Inspired by these photo's and wanted to share with my readers

This picture is my main inspiration and I will be trying to get this feel to my room!  The bonus is that my room is already grey I painted with my sis two years ago I was feeling white but after seeing this pic I am really really still feeling the grey!  I have an antique vanity that I used an awesome color of blue milkpaint on it is very ornate and I distressed and did drawers white, I have a Two tiered 100 plus year old fireplace mantle that will be incorporated,  Thinks ballerina stretching and doing her pilates etc in her makeup/dressing room that is what I am going for.

I have a Friend who is sending me vintage Pink Point shoes we did a good old fashioned barter I will show you what I am sending her soon!

I am on the lookout for an adult ballet costume that was used or meant for a production not a halloween type costume if anyone can help a girl out if you have one for sale or see one on the net....please email me!!  I like the whites, pinks, greys, blues.

THis picture is of an Antique Dresser that I painted in French Canvas it is on Wheels and one my favorite dresses that I have painted so it could not go to antique booth.....on top of the dresser is a collection of Antique Figurines that belonged to my Gramma Sharp on my mother's side each of the ladies have white dresses with gold on the edges I want the elegant ladies in my room!

The Jacks and Texas Stars are coming and i have a few friends waiting on theirs I am a free spirit in that I get sidetracked I  get inspired to do one thing then I go swim with daughter get off track go can something....go to zoo, sew some more go to waterpark etc school is out! .I will get those completed and have some posted soon for sale.  I am going on Vacation soon and will be back in full production sewing and painting after that I promise!! I think when you are being creative you somewhat have to be in a dreamworld to get ideas and it is hard staying focused in a dreamworld now isn't it!! (I do mop floors, pay bills and do dishes.....I just pretend I am cinderella doing it)  lol

Here are just a few pictures that inspired me today and I am suppose to get my shipment of Barre3  and Ballet Beautiful DVD's to add to my collection treating myself to new ones to help me be motivated as I have a long hard road ahead back to being the "Sherry" that is healthy and fit!

Hope you are inspired by these as well and not bored by all the workout room talk......I will be posting a reveal of the room when it is done....

Have a wonderful Rest of the week!! Tell me what you think!!


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