Parisian Flat Undiscovered For 70 Years Breathtaking picture!!

Breath Taking find, read article
Items in corner of flat

Here is an article that just blows my mind, I so wish I could walk through this flat Enjoy

So after seeing this picture that I just came across this morning, Mind you I have no priceless antiques in the sewing room but am filled with things I am inspired by, and it is not totally done but I think I got the color scheme and the feel right.  I love how there is a mixture of white's yellowed beiges and woods (I have left one real tiger oak wood item in my room)

Parisian Flat

Shanty Girl Studio and Mercantile
It needs a guilded mirror in the corner hugh??
Part of  my world, still incomplete
Reveal next week.  Lil Sis (Wendy) and I will go to lunch
and she will shoot pics of my then to be completed
"Shanty Girl  Studio and Mercantile"
I will be announcing my giveaway winner in a few hours the link will be on my sidebar!+

Update......................................Found this mirror for that bare corner!!
Still working on studio!

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