Pickers Point Antique Mall now open!

Just wanted to check in,  This week has been fun but wild.  I have been setting up my booth at a new local antique mall.  I am also working getting out etsyshop orders and having a blast!!  One etsy order is from a new French Baker opening in the Lafayette area.............they want to use my French Masquerade aprons as their signature uniform!  I am thrilled........thrilled......thrilled.........., I will show pictures when sent to me of their bakery opening with employee's wearing my signature French Masquerade Apron, they did custom order it to be made out of three colors of muslin instead of fabric print I am going to have to make one in the same scheme for myself as it is turning out lovely, that is why I love custom orders as you get more ideas.  I sure do want to take a trip to New Orleans and go to the bakery!  Not too far from Texas to be feasible soon!
I wanted to show pictures of my booth wich opened yesterday but is still in decorating and filling process~ I hope to have it filled by the weeks end. And then I hope to be refilling over and over!!

My Shanty Chateau booth  is located at

Pickers Point
800 North Main Street
Keller, Texas

Hubby found me these doors along with alot of other things, he is on the road alot and comes by the coolest things, they are a baby's sleigh crib head and footboard. I painted them 3 different shades of grey, blue, white and distressed. when I realized they would only give me a 4 foot opening I was saddened and almost discarded the idea. and a neighbor booth owner suggested hinges to open and close for furniture entry and removal, don't you love creative sharing wonderful people! I am going in today with some wreaths I made out of antique items to put on these doors, I will show pictures in a more complete state tomorrow or saturday.

We built the walls on Tuesday evening, I am still pricing things.................ooops  My Hubby was such a wonderful help with the start of my Chateau!! 

Just a few of the handpainted items I am carrying at the Chatea

I know there is plenty of space left and I have plenty to put in so it will evolve quite a bit throughout the week

I wanted to be fair to all the other 28 dealers in our mall to wait a few days to take pictures as most are still setting up and pricing but I think the mall is taking on a wonderful look and everyone is so nice we are having alot of fun!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and I will be catching up on all my blog reading after the weekend getting out my orders and setting up "The Shanty Chateau".

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