Pickers Point Keller 100+ year old iron bed and a lil story

I spent today redoing my booth at Pickers Point, with the help of my sons Jason and Frankie I was able
to replenish furniture by bringing in an iron bed with springs and a chiffarobe

Just a shot of the opposite wall

The iron bed that was pulled out of an 1870 farmhouse
I love the original patina of this iron bed and the fact it still has original rails and springs, I so wanted
to use this in guest room but not sure the boys of the family who are all very tall would be comfortable........

We were on a trip to Oklahoma and on the way stopped at a garage sale and bought a beautiful batwing vanity on casters with 2 french nightstands, the people told us if we liked stuff like that to go across the street to the tire shop.........antiques in a tire shop???  Well, Mr. Steele has a tireshop alright but once inside those doors it is a scene from american pickers, he has all the old beer signs from bars, hoosier cabinets, this beautiful iron bed, post office sorters a plethora of antiques every where you look and this is where we got the bed, I will be visiting this place again!  We had a wonderful visit and came back to Texas with a bed this man had pulled out of an 1870's farmhouse he just bought that came with alot of furniture that his wife said he had to get rid of in order for her to inhabit the house.

We are having a pumpkin patch at Pickers Point so I got in the spirit and decorated my booth trying to get a
essence of a french masquerade

The outside wall of my booth

My Grey Chiffarobe!

Well tomorrow I must add furniture to my booth at Uniques Gallery hope everyone has a wonderful sunday!


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