Porches in the hood

Today I am going to a porch party over at Jill's Gypsey Brocante Porch Club (party!).  We are suppose to show porches in our Hood,,,,,,,,, so I walk down my street and realize that most people in my neighborhood are too far off the road to capture a good picture of the porch and the fact that the whole neighborhood is brick rustic texas style porches........no gingerbreads to show off,,,,,I did take a picture of my favorite in the hood he sits on 20+ acres and I don't know him well enough to enter his property this is Texas you could still get shot....he lives two doors down from me and he backs up to my backyard as well...

This man dug a well when building house and hit a natural spring and
retired day job and bottles Samantha Springs water, he has a waterwheel, a fountain.
Cows Sheep beautiful property

This is as close as I have been to his porch.....

Here is another neighbor that is far back on property, with double porch balcony

This neighbor is right across the street

Then there is lil ole me looking at all these beautiful large properties, house looks
so bare without the flowers and decor I have out in summer

Nothing Fancy but I have rocked babies, I have waited on School buses with cookies, I have read wonderful books, and I have sang and I have cried right there in the rocker on the right........
That's porch chalk under the table there is alot of original artwork done right here on this porch!

You know you are a redneck when your husband parks fishing boat in front yard............

But my favorite porches are not these let me show you my favorite porches

Now my daughters Calico Critter house has the best porch with a nice wicker set
and dang look at the balcony coming off of the master.........I have spent alot of time with the cow and rabbit families on this porch..........

And Barbie.......on the third level of her house has two porches not one two
One for the animals

and another lounge area to relax, drink tea and watch over the horse stables

But this is my favorite porch area of all, I have spent countless hours climbing up this balcony
sliding down with  a growing little girl on the slide, playing thumbelina, eating (pretend eating) dirt soup sitting on the outdoor cafe stools

So there is some of my hood..............
Thanks for reading my silliness!!

Happy Monday all!
Have a blessed day!


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