Prairie Rosary, Christmas Ornaments and a decorated horse

 My daughter and I have Christmas on the brain we went to hobby lobby Saturday and got a few things to make our own decorations.

We put clay in molds rolled 12 clay balls poked holes in crosses and balls to later pull leather cording through baked at 275 for 15 minutes let cool, tied leather through cross and strung beads evenly on leather cord, tore 2 by 14 inch assorted fabric strips and tied under each bead to hold in place this took less was done in about one and a half hours including baking and cooling and ...........
An Oversized Prairie Rosary

 Having alot of clay left over I then rolled out and used a small biscuit cutter and cut some out put on baking sheet cut a hole in top and two in the middle baked for 15 minutes at 275 cooled put string through top and through middle placing small lavender bunch and tying ,  We then took empty glass balls from hobby lobby they were fourty percent off this week....we tore more 2 by 14 inch strips, I did not measure this is approx....we fed them into the balls and sprinkled in some glitter and took seam binding and tied on top to hang from tree

so for a few dollars....a little mess and a whole lotta fun we have our Prairie style ornaments!  We just need to roll a few more clay biscuits and make a dozen of the Lavender ornaments the lavender ones can be tied around gift jars, boxes......

Next project will be small stars of sticks to hang on the tree.......I am thinking of using cinnamon sticks twine and a few rosebuds and torn fabric...............

Now I know it is just October.......but if you are handmaking your stockings and ornaments you have to plan ahead!!  But for Halloween sake I would like to show a picture of my Daughter Abby entering her very first Horse Costume Party........She won Second place and was thrilled we had such a wonderful time

Abby was a crayon and Poppy the Welsh Pony was the whole box of crayons!

Abby was so thrilled and now has her own pink blanket to match pink boots when taking her riding lessons!  WE LOVE Rising Star Ranch in Roanoke TX......very awesome place to take lessons and they also breed and sell beautiful Welch Pony's and Holsteiner Horses!

I am finishing up a Miss Mustardseed MilkPaint project tomorrow and Today was the first day of the Jeanne Oliver Creative Home course! Very uplifting and inspiring got me creating again tonight.....

Have a wonderful week Ya'll

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