Purple and Blue Prairie Box

Today I went to lunch with a friend at Lonestar Antiques, the tea room there is amazing. We were able to walk around talk, eat, laugh, seems like I have had a paint brush in hand for months and these breaks have been few and far between.  After leaving Lonestar I went to my other favorite place GoLightly's in North Richland Hills Texas.  I brought home this Celluloid Dresser box as in one picture it clarifies my whole colorscheme design that I have been working on in my home.

Purple flowers, a little gold scrollwork, Blue Horseshoe and a deer........

This box has the gold elements I am putting old mirrors, frames and chandeliers that have the same patina of old gold, Blue was my mothers favorite color, purple was my grandmothers, I love the mixture of them both

I have a purple washbasin set from England that my Gramma Sharp was so proud of, my momma loved for years and now it is part of my living room, I have since collected a few plates and old bottles with purple, just like this box

The horseshoe and Deer remind me of the deerhead I hung in my living room the other day with a blue flower, and the horseshoe signifies prairie to me.  How could I find one piece that just pulled it all together. I had to have this it had a card inside that said 1900, I love finding things that speak to you that were meant for you to find for you and you alone, somethings I love and sell but somethings say  keep me you will regret ever letting me go.

Next post I will show a picture of a 7 foot high flower/bin kitchen shelve thingy with wavy glass and tons of little drawers.........it was the other thing that said get me keep me today. My hubby said I could get it for our Valentines and our Anniversary. It will add just the right amount of farmhouse to balance out the french pieces.  Hope you come check it out!  Still painting selling of newer pieces and collecting antiques to reveal my living room soon!


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