Rachel Ashwell Inspirations and More Romance to the Ranch

I have been picking up where I left off and taking my ideas and  Inspirations slowly putting them together to give our Ranch style home a little more "Romance". 

Here are this weeks projects/thoughts/finds

Being inspired by  Rachel Ashwells Rennaissance Mirror
Image from shabbychic.com

I bought a ten Dollar mirror at a yard sale it was gold not old but had alot of potential

Ten Dollar previously gold painting white to lighten up the wood wall!

Mirror needs one more coat of "white dove" and cleaned (I hate taping of.....easier for me to clean......)  it is my beautifully detailed 10.00 yard sale find!

The mirror will be hung on the wall just above this leather loveseat to add brightness and some feminine frill
to our living room!  (I picked up the muslin pillow shams at local antique mall, I also got muslin curtains to put on my wall of windows............hope you come back to see how they are hung when I get my vintage wood clothes hangers from ebay in the mail.........................

I love to read Rachel's blog, books and watch her video's
So when looking at what she has done to her "prairie inn"

Image on Rachel Ashwell's Blog @ shabbychic.com

It made me not so eager to replace this, hmmmmmmmmm maybe I can keep the
wagon wheel light fixture that is original to my 32 year old house.....after all
Mind is working on how to make it just a bit more feminine!
Ceiling will be painted to lighten up the room!

Okay here are a few other things I completed this week.....

I had one of the cabinets for over ten years and found the other a few months back these are flanking the fireplace
I am looking for a large white victorian era fire place mantle and will have tv hung above, the window planter will then have to find a sunroom spot. The area these are flanking was wasted space as it is brick raised up 18 inches so no furniture could set in that area, now I have alot of family heirlooms, family pictures etc to display.

This was another 10.00 find at same yard sale as mirror I really scored that day I spent 60.00 and came home with my suv full! coolest yard sale I have been to and it was not advertised I happened by it in the early am

I primed then painted a light gray, shantied it up a bit with sandpaper, applied a wipe on poly and a new knob
(this will reside in sunroom but walls are still unpainted so it displayed better here for picture)

That Enamelware washbasin was a 2.00 yard sale find............

This was my big splurge, Anthropologie knob  8.00
it was the perfect color sunroom reveal not far off......I hope!

Just another view of the rennaisance mirror available at Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture New York, London, and Santa Monica!  (or you can DIY for 10.00 like me)

I wanted to share with you a couple of newly acquired family heirlooms that I received When my Sweet Mother passed

This lamp was my Grandma Sharps and fits perfectly with my Sunroom decor (reveal soon)

The sunbonnet Sue and overall Sam Quilt was Done by my
Great Granny Lee, and is probably 1930's The other Postage stamp quilt was given to me
by a friend whom was cleaning out her mothers things and told me they had plenty that her mother made to remember her by but this was one she had picked up and would I like it............Ummm I treasure it. It does need to be top quilted and that will be done by me this  year!!!  Oh and the shabby chic white quilt rack Hubby brought home two days ago and said honey I think it is worth the 5.00 I paid for it.......Gotta love my hubby he has quite an eye for my decor!  So sweet....

So I am continuing to work on my living room and sunroom, sew, read 100 year old letters and cards that were found in my mothers things, sort 100+ year old pictures to share................

 Thanks for reading my friends!


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