Rudolph Spotted at My Texas Ranchhouse

My Christmas decor and Tree have changed drastically over the years. I have been through several stages....

1st stage Young mom...............homemade ornaments a couple of dollar store additions on a two foot fake tree handed down to us. We had so many good memories of this tree.

2nd stage Mother of teenagers and then young adults.........Enter the beautiful matchy matchy shabby chic white birdhouses, white santa's, gold angels, metal reindeers, white lights, victorian angel, pink and mauve tree skirt, glass with roses sleighs.......this tree was what I called my "designer tree era" a tree that looked like a Macey's or Dillards storefront and it matched my then victorian decor in our  home. I know this is the type of tree most of my blog friends would like to see However................, I have moved to the

Third stage,  mother of a young child again........When Abbigail came to live with us (6 days old)  I felt like the "designer tree" just wasn't right for a small child, it was not her fault she had an older mom, I needed to add some "little kid" to our christmas decor, afterall Santa was going to be visiting our house on a regular basis all over again............. so between Abbigails arrival and moving into a rustic ranchhouse where the victorian  decor just did not go (Although I have completely french Chic'd out my mom cave and guest bath.).........we then began

The Rudolph and Santa era..........Rudolph is one of my alltime favorite Christmas shows, we have the same birth year........We have tickets for my husband , Abby and I to go to Fort Worth this weekend and see the live Casa Manana presentation and then to dinner! 

Here is the rest of my "indoor Decor"  later in the week I will be posting Christmas Quilts I have made and one in the works and  a peek outside the Ranchhouse Christmas decor.

Santa, Abby and "Sweetie Bell"  I do love getting to see Santa again in my home!

And it sure is fun having a little one in the house again to help decorate the tree
Quilted Bag I made for Abby to house her Rudolph Figure playset she plays with when
in family room watching christmas specials.

We have Santa's 1960 TV's with scenes from Rudolph, Enesco and Hallmark
Rudolph figurnines

Our Jesus stalking is at the top of our tree!

Our Favorite Misfit

 I just love Sam the Snowman and Burl Ives "Silver and Gold!"
"There's Always Tomorrow for dreams to come true"
Clarice + Rudolph

Remember the days when you had to wait once a year to see Rudolph!  The anticipation
and the whole family around the set with cocoa and cookies was a wonderful memory of mine!

This is our completed "Rudolph Tree"  The tree skirt plays Rudolph when has found the
button and it plays often throughout the day.......
no presents under the tree till christmas likes to play with presents. Oh and
Bumble had to put the star on top the tree......
My Little Elf, I sure do like getting the handmade cards and ornaments from school again!

 A Little Christmas in the Guest Bath
One must decide wether to use the Naughty or Nice towel......

Sprinkle a few Kiddie globes around to wind on a homemade Doily and you get to hear music
throughout the holiday!  Children love to shake and wind these!

And of course Our Hot Cocoa and Cookie tray for Santa also have "Rudolph and the misfits"

A little Scentsy warmer on my hand Crocheted doily with Abby's NutCracker's she adores picking one out last year and this year, she has started her first "collection"

Our Wine Hutch, with Cake Servers awaiting Goodies for Christmas Day! Umm we are getting
low on the wine.....must add to list.

For class we made 20+ of these gingerbread boys/girls and put them around a gingerbread house for door decor. Then each child got to pull of the door and stick to their goodie bag. It was alot of fun!

I really loved getting back to Traditional Reds and Greens for Christmas it brightens up the kitchen!

THis sleigh is normally in the floor with a stuffed Santa and Reindeer, riding throughtout the house delivering presents wrapped in my kitchen towels.........
every now and then I get to put it back on the table.

I have four other sleighs on my mantel  with my white metal stockings.....remnants of my victorian /potterybarn era.....
Our mantel with my beloved Nativity,  it is hard to see the sleigh's in this picture, I do need a better camera......(Abby has a rudolph stocking hung on another wall that Santa will fill, Stocking
lights up and plays songs from the movie.....)

A gifting Tree for Teacher (I was room mom last year) 10.00 for tree and each parent can get a certificate, this way teacher get's to go shopping on her break and to eat and movies etc. We had such a variety of certificates and by the time 20 parent's participated........well it made quite the nice gift! I tied giftcards all around this tree.

Hope you stop by to see some of my Christmas Quilting, Christmas baking and more outdoor decor!


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