Say Hello to my Little Friend!

Sometimes Girls just gotta have fun and I was playing with a globe that I got for a really really really really good price.  She is not for sale as the bottom is not as stable as it would need be to have someone else take her home although if I find some more really sturdy good globes I will make some more little friends!

Meet LoLA

Lola is a well traveled young lady (she has been all over the world as my sister said)  Lola has so much to say she needs ties on her mouth, her eyes sparkle like diamonds, and she loves to wear flowers in her hair, she is chalkable and can wear magnets, I can use her to display my stamped rose magnets, or my button magnets, etc.  Lola is going to hang out with Shantygirl (my tattered and torn mannequin) to keep her company at the "Shanty Chateu"  I know that there is a fine line between creativity and just plain insanity.................

In the midst of all the back to school shopping madness I vow to have fun, why don't you!


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