Shabby French For Me

I follow a blog by Rachel Pallas called Shabby French For Me,  it is a beautiful blog filled with shabby/french inspiration and am happy to have made friends with Rachel on blogger and FB.  I have lately been eyeing the beautiful millenery work she has been doing and just had to have one of her veils!

So Saturday I got a package in the mail...........

I had ordered a vintage millinery wreath as the colors I were bright and perfect for the colors in the ballet workout room, upon opening the package my whole roomed smelled wonderful she sprayed the wreath with the prettiest perfume

The fabric she wrapped the veil in was beautiful and there was a little flower on it....I think this is the beginning of my star of sticks and am making a star out of antique tobacco sticks that I ordered on ebay That is one of this weeks projects

It was so much fun putting the veil all around the room but I think her resting spot is on the antique vanity she just pops with the blues and greys!

i have also been amazed by Rachel's photography skills and she made her own Thank you cards, it resides in the last spot I had left on my mood board love it colors are just beautiful photography stellar....

Thanks Rachel!!!!! LOVE IT and YOUR WORK!  Thanks for all the inspiration you share!

I have many projects to share in the next few post. Hope everyone is Enjoying the beginning of a fresh new year!!


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