Shanty Girl "Buggy Bag" GIVEAWAY

                      This is what I did with my Painters Tarp, Shanty Girl "Buggy Bag"

Antiqued Gold Kiss Clasp Frame, Handstamped French flower removable Pin

          Hand Stamped Black Bird on Muslin
THis bag could go with an elegant little black dress or Boots and jeans!

                       I love to repurpose and reuse when it can produce a beautiful useful object, and I could not throw away yards and yards of fabric that had wonderful texture. I hope you like what I did with the tarp, more to come!!
Link to view Shanty Girl Studio is now on my sidebar. (Thanks for looking, please comment and tell me what you think, I love comments, ideas, thoughts!)

This GIVEAWAY for a Shanty Girl Buggy Bag involves Thouroughly sanitized Painters tarp, black and white pinstriped material a handstamped french script removable flower pin that can be put on a jacket or headband, an antiqued gold Kiss Clasp bag frame and some handstamped muslin with black birds.  There will be a  chain (waiting on my order but will be here before giveaway ends) so you can either carry by handle or hang it off your shoulder messenger style when you want to be hands free.

I enjoyed working with these materials so much that when I run out of tarp I am buying more to sew bags for my shop. The texture's here are just so vintage and pleasing to the eye.


If you would like to own a piece of my "Shanty Girl" painters tarp and help me celebrate the birth of my Shanty Girl Studio (Total Mom Cave)  simply comment on this post with something about my studio that captured your attention, it can be a like or dislike, an idea or just a thought.  This GIVEAWAY will be posted on my facebook as well and I will take comments from blogspot add the comments from facebook and total the number and then on Nov. 17 (day I officially reach the backside of fourty, I am turning 46 and I love it,yay I made it!!) I will draw a number at random and send my Shanty Girl "Carriage" Clutch to the winner!! 

If you are on my blog but not facebook you can become a fan and enter once on Blog and once on facebook.  If you are on FB but not on my blog again you can join blog with Google Friend connect and enter comment on Blog and FB giving you two chances to win. Please make sure to check to see if you won if I cannot contact winner in 48 hours after my Bday then I will need to reselect.

I am using these supplies to design my bags that I will be carrying in my etsy shop, giveaways over the next few weeks will include my very own designs of a Shanty Buggy Bag (this Giveaway),  Shanty Carriage Clutch, and Shanty Saddlebag, after they are each designed I will do them in different materials to put in my shop

Good Luck and Thanks for entering!

Update  And the winner is

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