She's a butterfly

I wanted to share a little story about one of my Daughters.

Cassie and I met when she was 10 years old, Her father and I were each divorced and had started dating . At first mine and Cassie's relationship was magical, we went shopping to the movies, glamour photo's, you get the picture just like a courtship, Cassie and I were on our best behaviour and of course I was trying to impress her.  She was excited to have someone to hang out with and shop with go to restaraunts with.........

Then the wedding, Cassie stood as my maid of honor, we had a very small wedding as buying a home and all new furniture to start fresh on our new family life were more important.

I had to tell Cassie what to do now, I was responsible for her raising and education, the "courtship" of cool lady that was dating dad and awesome little girl that was daughter of the man I was in love with was over......... I am sure there were times when she thought I had a broom and a big wart on my nose.......There were raised voices, slammed doors, tears, pain and misunderstanding.

Time passed and alot of prayers, patience, growing pains for us all, life experiences and love bonded our family and now I feel so blessed with what we all worked so hard for. 

My family

You know you are a blended success when.......

your stepchildren get you a mother's day card WITHOUT their dad taking them to pick it out
(I cried the first time this happened)

As adults they remember your birthday and call or come by

Your stepchildren sit at the kitchen table for hours and talk to you! Just you! You and them in the kitchen  just like a momma!

Your Stepchildren call you often, send text messages and you get almost daily pictures of your new Grandbaby

You decide there is no reason to say "stepchild", "stepdaughter" "stepson", these words sound so formal and cold, You have many children, they have many parents, they are loved by many people, they love you, it's all good!. Each one of them very special and you are proud that you have been part of their lifes.......YOU  ARE BLESSED

You start seeing a resemblance of you in your Stepdaughter, not for say looks wise, she is much prettier! But being around me for 18 years had to rub off on her personality some right?? I get a little credit for the beautiful, kind and caring young lady she has turned into right?? 

Here are pictures of my Pride and Joy, my lovely Daughter,   Cassie Lynn Brabec 

Cassie and Richard Brabec
So Happy and in Love

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brabec

Truly a fairy tale wedding!  Again I cried when my daughter
Rode away.

I was there and I still cry when I see the picture of pride and joy on Cassie's face
when she presented Ella Grace To the world,
she is glancing over  at her father and the look she gave him made my
heart melt It was kind of like "daddy look what I did"

Granna's lil pumpkin
Ella Grace Brabec

If you are in a blended family and times seem hard hang in there!
 There is a blessing to be
 recieved with patience, love and prayer!
 I am so happy for my daughter that I get to see blossom
 into a beautiful woman, wife and mother and someday
 gramma herself.

She is a butterfly

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