Singing and Sewing, listen to the words not just the music Friday 2

Okay, so last night I remembered that my 1st grader was suppose to have a red shirt to wear to flag day this morning...........oops, however I did have the makings, and it was just this week that mom embroidered a little red flower and said I have had this for years and just got around to doing it, do you think you can use it in your shop?? She only asked that I let her know what I did with it, since mom made it nooooooooo I cannot sell it, it is now a family heirloom............and mom happened to give me some red and white checkered napkins to work with.  So last night after putting her to bed and doing chores I started sewing.  This was completed at 1:00 Friday a.m. so technically is a Friday project. I sang as I sewed  humming to the tune of "oh say can you see", and " I'm proud to be an American", (Love Lee Greenwood's version!) and I drank iced coffee to keep me awake. Here are pictures of our School's flag day and my little one sporting her Red napkin shirt! When I woke up in the morning I was still inspired and started on an apron "American Beauty" I came home and worked on it as well singing Love Can  Build a Bridge!
Daughter and her close friend
Flag day
Side Two of "American Beauty"  I also sewed on some of Alice's buttons

A napkin shirt!  Sewn like a pillowcase dress but shorter with apron trimmings, see mom's embroidered flower?

"American Beauty"

I went home after flag day and still loving working with the red and the american spirit I sewed "American Beauty"
This apron is completely two sided and has beautiful embroidered red roses on front.

This is just the first grade, there were hundreds of children singing and signing  "Love can build a Bridge" together.  Where are tissues when  you need them??

Enjoy life, cherish these moments! Be inspired! Create! Appreciate your Momma, Apple pie and Lemonade, and our Freedom!

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