Slight change in plans

There has been a slight change in decorating plans!!  How about I wait till I am the final turnout and then post pics.....Wonderful thing about painting is we can decide that it is too blue or too brown or too whatever and ........repaint......  Our house is important the mood that it sets for the whole family is very important.  The AS Greek Blue is beautiful and I love on furniture and on Shutters but painting a 20 by 22 room well was just a little too blue......I have to say the coverage was amazing the texture awesome, but going back in with a french canvas and french linen color.

So when completely done decorating including pillows curtains etc.  I will post pics!  Till then I am working on the house, sewing Throws and painting for my booth see ya soon!  Hope you come back for the reveal in a week or two!


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