Storefront Booth Inspiration/chalkpaint/Plans for Shantygirl

If I could I would live in Mckinney Texas, the pletheora of Antique shops, restaraunts and old houses makes me tingle upon exciting off 75/Louisianna Ave.

My Daughter and I took the trip for me to get some more of my beloved Chalk paint I was also on a mission to search for inspiration to setup a booth that will be window facing.  I know new plans again. I should not write about changes until they have taken place for sometimes things change/minds change before completion of plans.

The new plan for me and my "Shantygirl" Antique/Painting/Sewing Business is to consolodate all my booths to a large space at Uniques Gallery Roanoke, however instead of taking the 18 by 18 room I will be taking a 12 by 14 storefront/window space.  I consulted advise of friends/hubby and my sister came and took a look at all the space options I would have and this is what we decided.  Displaying Shantygirl goods in the window will allow commuters on our well traveled road to view the Shabby Chic offerings of our shop.  Free Advertising!!  The road is also traveled well at night and there will be a chandelier hanging with more lights to really showcase the "Le Petite Galleries" area of the shop. My Friend Barb will be in the booth next to mine and we will put up plenty of night lights to showcase her booth as well from the road. There are a couple more booths available in the Le Petite Galleries area of Uniques and I cannot wait to see whom will share the second building with Barb and I.

So I have never had a storefront booth and I know it is desirable but can have limited setup options I went on a hunt for inspiration in Mckinney.  Many shop owners were so sweet in giving me pointers and they all said that the window is the advertising for the shop.......pressure it must be beautiful and accessible from the outside as well as the were a few of my inspiration pics. 

Gray Living is a store that just makes my jaw drop I stare in utter amazement at every inch of the shop. There are many shops that do that to me in Mckinney I did not snap pictures of all of them as they were packed with shoppers!! I think my favorite street was East Virginia and the shotgun shops close to the new Smitten shop where I get my chalkpaint. Next time I go I will get pictures.

I love how at Gray Living all the storefront displays are accessible to see feel touch from inside and they use low items that are facing both directions

This booth was beautiful and part of the booth was side facing part was window facing

love the setup, colors and the pieces that this gifted dealer displayed

This booth had alot of store front so some items were facing out and some in.  I will  always
paint the backs of furniture so it can be floating, back facing side facing etc. 

A table and chairs or bed are always good items to put in front of a window space

I threw in this picture of the Parisian Apartment that was discovered untouched after 70 years, this picture is a never ending piece of inspiration for me for Shantygirl booth and rooms in my home This room has a large window, just had to throw in my favorite piece of French/shabby inspiration!
Between antique shops, restaraunts, Clothing and Candy stores this town is the perfect place to have a mother/daughter day.

My daughter packed her babies, changes of clothes, food.  at first I was reluctant to take them as some of the shops have small staircases, tight fitting isles etc.  but then I thought of how sad it will be when she no longer wants to take her the babies went to Mckinney and into every shop..........

When I got home my husband was so excited to see the dresser he had been working on completed
he always fixes the drawers, but this piece also need a little scrollsaw work on the mirror. The beautiful ornate wood part of the top of the mirror was thin and cracking so he traced it and cut a new piece of wood, fixed the tracks on the drawers and last night I put old white and will touch up with my coffee this morning, distress and wax clear.

I hope to be in the storefront window section of our Shop by the 15th we are awaiting an electrician and inspection to open the second building of Uniques Gallery.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a very blessed week!!


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