Support Your Local Farmers!!

I just wanted to share my wonderful experience going to our local farmers market. I wanted to encourage everyone to support their local farmers! By supporting your local farmers you are encouraging the little man to keep on keeping on, supporting the culture of your community and America, getting fresh air, and well walking around and probably running into some friends along the way. So here are pics of our small but growing "KFM", Keller, Texas.

I did stop by the Starbucks right in the parking lot of KFM and first thing bought a Farmers Market bag for a donation, this bag Zips down to a small clutch size and you can throw it in glove box or purse!

Oh and if you take family members it makes it more fun and more "nostalgic"

Then if you take a little one to this farmers market chances are they will find the big fountain smack in the middle of it and on a hot day, they will probably find a way to dance, sing, get wet! All adding to your wonderful outdoor experience!

I saw a teenager with the cutest funky tennis shoes sporting an umbrella in 100+ temp no rain in site and I decided she was bringing back the parasol and I thought that was so cool I think I will do it myself someday!
So I can I turn this into a non cooking day!!! I then stopped by and got wonderful roasted chicken from this awesome couple, I did not get their names......they had me laughing and told me the chicken was so ready to be served they could sit with me under the tree over there and have a picnic with wine.
I then picked up fresh tomatoes, squash, and a taylor swift bottle cap necklace for Abby (dangers of taking child to market, child wants to buy goodies)
I loved this bakery they have a blog I need to checkout

So I take my goodies home and all I need to do is a little slicing and a few minutes of steaming squash
And Wala, a very quick, fresh , community grown/roasted meal for my family. P.S., I only have corel and this is as fancy as it get's on my table, I just can't see two sets of dishes ect.......well maybe one day....I am just not organized enought to have a set for this and that, so my beloved corel that was handed to my mom from gramma and now to me is what I use....
Oh and also on the plate is Goat/feta cheese from a local farmer, my husband and son were impressed with Saturday Lunch and it even got us into Saturday evening leftovers, so I got to have fun, spend time with family, get some local culture and laughs, and not cook.................

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