Texas Traffic Jam on the Farm

Living on a dirt road with surrounding farms and cattle/horse owners is a dream come true for me everymorning I hear the sounds of moo........reminds me of my childhood farm days.  We have a young lady to our right that raises and trains race horses and every evening a few of the teenaged horses like to run like wild and play together I get to sit and see that and it brings me so so much peace and joy.  Now that I have the right lense for Nikon I will try to capture that one evening.  Man behind us has zebra looking donkeys.......pics to come

Most every morning.....I experience a bit of a traffic Jam on the way to take Abby to school, occasionaly on the way to picking her up.  The Man who built our home lives on surrounding 88 acres and we all share a dirt road he grazes his Angus cows and I get to see new life, teenage hood, mommy's and the occasional stubborn bull.

Mommy's and little Baby's...... clear the road immediately they are both a little afraid  mommy very anxious for her baby..... drive slowly.

Teenage Bulls.....are a little curious they stay in the road a bit longer hmm they think what is she gonna do they contemplate size me up....but then they quickly scurry on their way and head towards momma who has been nervously watching the whole time.

Big ole daddy bull.........Will not move no way no how I am boss around here, I weigh as much as your car and good luck getting me to move, hope it is not muddy as your car/butt is going around me I have a reputation to keep with all these younguns watching me and I am not going to give in so just take your vehicle get up on grass or mud and make your way around me or come back later when I am done here......you wanna fight bring it......

LOL I love this scenario and I take pictures and roll down my window and talk and sometimes the sun is coming up just right on the prarie/farms and I praise god for giving me this kind of a traffic jam.  I feel blessed.

Soon I will have to take a picture of the ....snakes I have seen crossing this road, as there is water at one point on either side,.....That is a bit of an eeeekier...experience for me.....i do always check heads to see if they are pit vipers....trying to desensitize to these type events.  There is also a family of Roadrunners that cross right in front of me alot I want them to go beep beep but so far not yet......

Till later

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