Texas Weather-Gotta Love the Lone Star State!

Yesterday I cancelled Garage sale,,,,,,,,,,,,,and well it never rained. I felt really dumb although I did have real good sales through craigslist and some ladies came by..........So today........I felt awesome and said YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS when it finally rained, I mean sirens are going off  there is thunder, lightning. A true bonafide Texas Storm, now I somehow feel better about cancelling the Garage sale.  Today is a drink hot chocolate watch Robinhood through video on demand and spend time sewing in the studio.

HMMMM lets take a look is it really raining??

Clouds are looking pretty gray, maybe I will be justified for cancelling garage sale.......

I see rain, I must go outside to prove it!!

Okay, there is lightning striking and sirens going off

Back to my cozy little studio, hot chocolate,  Cozy socks and Robin Hood are on the to do list today!

Hope you are enjoying the weather whatever it is in your part of the world!!


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