The beginnings of a guest room

You will see that I have simply placed the furniture and bedframe in this room and have alot of work to complete.  I will paint all the furniture, leave the patina on the 100 year old iron bed paint the shutters but leave the gold inserts.  But here is where I am at right now!

We found this probably circa pre 1920's Batwing Vanity on Wooden caster wheels in rural Oklahoma across the street from the Iron  Bed I will show, the vanity chair is also a hamper I found at Golightlies Antique Store This will get painted a creamy white!

My husband brought this home when he was out pickin this week he said the lady he bought it from had "alot of starch"  and there was no coming down on her rather high price but he loved the I had to put it in the house it will be perfect for some books next to a hundred year old chair with leopard print I bought from my friend out of our booth you can see it in the post below  I have yet to bring it home.

sorry for the pics I photo on my phone still.....the iron bed is 100+ years old came out of an 1870's farmhouse in rural ok, after I put the room together and have a reveal I will call my lil sis and ask her to take some professional shots!  The shutters are old wood with gold metal inserts and I put the english channel painted wood piece that we don't know what it is just to let you see the color I will paint the wood part of the shutters, I will leave the gold metal for the new orleans french style depth that I want to reflect in the room

Again a Piece my husband brought home.........for me to put in booth .......umnn no this is mine sweetie the kids can fight over it when we are gone this is a keeper!

with the animal print on my vanity stool and the soon to be here chair I pulled out a quilt that I had made a couple years back that has animal prints black and white stirpes, fluer de lis, music notes, and white fabrics  I am not sure if it will spread out on the bed or folded on bottom with my RA shabby chic white bedding.  I am taking the grey linen and making my own curtains. I will use gray but put layers of white ruffles to imitate Rachels petticoat line, this will keep the room neutral but with textures and interest. The walls are a winter oak grey color

love the patina on this mirror and it will stay where it is from when my room was a sewing studio  (studio moving to a much larger sunroom) Reveal after this one is done.

another antique mirror with just the right patina to be hung in this room

Antique Nightstand to be painted this is on wooden casters and is probably pre 1920's

Five dollar picture my husband brought home yesterday the frame has the same coloring/patina as the antique bed so of course it needs to hang in this room.  My dear friend gave me a couple antique faded red accesories to put in this room to bring out the red of the picture. This will be another  splash of color in the nuetral palet.
Just a little Antique washstand dresser, this will be painted graphite to break up all the creamy white furniture and pull the animal prints together I am looking for an antique french waterpitcher to put lavender in to set on this!  I would love to find a white one with the black rim at top!

so Please come back to see the reveal until then I will be adding new goodies to all the booths, working on the room and sewing!  Have a wonderful week I hope to have this complete in a week and photographed well to have a "Reveal"!


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