The Danger of Shared Spaces..........

I have written the last few weeks about setting up booths, consolidating booths, decorating booths...sorry if it is getting boring but that is what is going on with me right now!

Today I wanted to write about the danger of sharing a booth with an extremely talented person (We each also have a booth of our own to completely express our personalities but chose to share two spaces in order to show in three malls but help with stocking and not feeling overwhelmed)

I love that Barb requested I put a piece in her space in Golightly's I had always wanted to show there and it truly is one of my favorite Antique shops, so I obliged by finishing the vanity and I wanted to show a better picture of it in her booth.  Golightly's has been in business for 25 years and is on Davis Blvd. In North Richland Hill's Texas.  Barbs space is downstairs by the Tearoom.

My Vanity loves Hanging out with the Talented Barb

This is a vintage headboard that is now a chalkboard/coat hanger that Barb made out of a bed that My husband picked. I can see putting childrens names on it/messages/grocery list..I already have one in my pantry........but now I want a smaller one in my guest room.......I love these they are way cool!!

This is a shot of our shared space I am slowly moving into at Pickers Point, my booth is caddy corner from this and I am having a huge sale till the end of the month and we will build arbors etc. and maximize the usage of this space

So When Barb brought in this chair to our shared space at Uniques in Roanoke.........I started drooling

And the Doorknob hanger is the perfect size for my guest room, the color bringing out the blacks and white on my quilt..........That antique white mirror on the wall is killing me and what about her chiffarobe???

This is the danger I was talking about....when I started decorating guest room and Barb brought in this
Antique Victorian chair that matched the quilt I had made a few years back and I also have animal print on the vanity chair.........well I had to have it. So what I am saying is if you share space with a talented person

the DANGER is BRINGING ALOT MORE THINGS HOME.........................

Thanks for reading Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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