The English Barley Twist circa 1920 Buffet Server

Last night I painted and antiqued this English Barley Twist Buffet Server Circa 1920, not sure wich location this will go in yet Uniques Gallery or Pickers Point as I also have a french provencial server to complete this week. I wanted to show pictures I also painted the what once was Mediterranean Sun wall using Kelly Moore sample quart of  "Shredded Wheat"  (4.79 a can of flat sample size quarts.....) it covered one wall, I have many in the sunroom but love the color and I will paint an area a day till it is done~

I will be adding knobs as there was one keyhole knob missing and I have searched far and wide to try to find a second......Hardware is a very important decision to a piece and it is best if the original can be used or duplicated

I used a clear and medium brown bri wax, I love the finish on this server!

The Antique Mercury  Glass mirror just adds to the character of this piece!

I wonder who bought this new?  I think it would look lovely in any setting and again when I work on something I love I have a hard time.....selling it......... but this piece will be available as soon as I secure room for it!  I know my last post said I was taking a blogging break but I don't know if I can, I enjoy so much journaling what projects I do!

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